He was born on a summer day in Güney, Mersin (İcel).

1994 - 1995
He moved to the east of the south, to Adıyaman.

He started the first grade in a village school and finished the second grade here.

Moved to town centre. - An unsuccessful primary education life continued in the same class (B) from the 3rd to the 5th grade, and in the C (eliminated) class from the 6th to the 8th grade.

1998 - 2000
The famous Casio watch, which would become his first electronic instrument, was bought by his father

In the summers, he started to work as an apprentice in a barber, saying to the master that his meat is your bone, with the thought that his father would have a job.

2001 - 2003
Although not quite sure in the year, it was with the cousin's computer that he first met the computer. He suddenly found himself playing the legendary NFS 2 SE game.

During the years he worked at the barbershop, he witnessed Turkey's 3rd place in the World Cup, which he enjoyed by watching every match live with the shopkeepers at noon due to the time difference in summers.

He started the Vocational High School Computer (Software) department with his own curiosity, the gas of his father and a little bit of someone else's.

After I entered the computer department, he suddenly found himself faced with 8-10 hours of Electrical - Electronics lessons per week. He's seen things like door openers and bell installations.

While working at a barbershop one summer day, he had his father's last beard shaved, and a few days later he lost his father in a traffic accident.

He started playing football in a sports club.

He participated in the Çanakkale tour organized by the Ministry of National Education, which he saw for the first time.

2005 - 2006 He started learning programming for the first time with Pascal programming language, continued with Visual Basic and Delphi.

He left the football team of the club and moved to the basketball team. The photos cannot be found on the internet and are not clear because they are very old. Standing, number 14 in the 3rd row in the upper left and 3rd from the right in the ceremony.

He started his web site business with azbuz and yetki.net, which he saw from his classmates during his high school years, with free site building services. Later, he tried to do something by making use of aspindir.com in internet cafe corners and creating free ASP supported hosting and subdomains that he provided somee.com.

He finished his high school life with a score of 88.66 in the 100 system, which is above the average.

2007 - 2008
He won the district championship with his basketball team.

He started working in a hardware store for 45 liras a week and bought his first mobile phone (Nokia 1110) with his own money for 3-4 weeks.

He made money by making and selling a website for the first time. His domain name was eqoist.net. He first opened it as a blog, then he turned it into a movie site and sold it. (20 TL)

Again out of curiosity, he entered the University with his associate degree in Computer Programming.

He bought his first laptop, Asus F83SE, which he used until 2014, from Vatan for approximately 1300-1500 liras.(photo)

He opened Zaferzent.blogspot.com with Blogger and started blogging again.

While continuing with Blogger, he took the domain name Zaferzent.com.tr, but did not continue when it stopped very official.

2011 - ...
He took the domain name Zaferzent.com and moved his blogspot address here and continues to share things like blogger tips and themes.

He completed the Computer Programming department with an above average score of 3.11 in the 4th system.

He made a vertical transfer to Anadolu University Business Administration (undergraduate) department.

He received the first Android-based smartphone, the Motoluxe XT615.(photo)

He graduated from Anadolu University Business Administration (undergraduate) department by taking a single course exam in Istanbul.

2014 - 2015
Short term (6 months) (Novice unit: Samsun, Master unit: Tekirdağ) completed his military service.

He went to İzmir for the first time for a bank's personnel recruitment exam.

He moved to Istanbul.

2016 - ...
He started to work as a Technician in a Telecommunications company.

Created Magitive.com, it's on hold as it can't take care of it properly.


He became a father.(25.12.2021)

🎯 2022 Goals

🎞️ Movie5/100
📘 Book0/5
📒 Blog Post1/10